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                  Jeannette Bidder SEND Consultancy and Training 

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SEN Training sessions can be provided from two hours' duration, to half a day or up to a full day! Delegates take away relevant reading material and always have the opportunity to follow up queries, by email or telephone.


'SEN for Teaching Assistants' course is often delivered over four afternoons and spread across a whole school term or two terms.


SEN training can be for specific groups of staff but other times a whole school approach is required. Flexibility is always offered. Sample topics include:


  • Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties (eg. Working Memory)
  • Autistic Spectrum Condition and Sensory Needs
  • What is ADHD and Comorbidity?
  • The Role of a Teaching Assistant for Pupil Progress
  • Attachment Disorder and its Impact for Learning
  • What is an ILP and How do I Create a Meaningful Plan?
  • What is the S.E.N.D Code of Practice 2014 all About?
  • How Shall I Self-Evaluate for S.E.N.D. Provision?
  • How to Observe and Assess the role of Teaching Assistant
  • So What is Auditory Processing?
  • How can Speech and Language Therapists or Delayed Speech and Language Development, Impact Learning?
  • What Makes Effective Differentiation for S.E.N.?
  • Multisensory Learning is Magical for All!
  • The Inclusive Classroom: a Holistic Approach




Feedback from my Recent S.E.N.Training Events:



" Funnily enough, I particularly liked the last afternoon session on Dyslexia, I suspect being Dyslexic, that the visual aids had the most impact! I have been talking to the teachers about the SEN Tool Box and we all think they should now be provided as standard..."         

                                          F.H. Teaching Assistant at Eaton Square School


"Thank you for a stimulating training session this afternoon centered on ADHD...You gave us wonderfully clear underpinning knowledge, practical examples and strategies that will be very useful for us all."

                                                                S.H., SENCO, Hawley Place School


"I'm sending you my feedback for the superb training course you held for Teaching Assistants. There are too many good points to list! You are a very experienced and knowledgeable person and were able to deliver these 4 day sessions in an understanding way. I know this [SEN] is such a comlex topic but you were able to distribute this to us in a way suitable to our job roles. You also offered so many practical examples and activities, therefore I have taken away lots of information that I feel can mostly help within my career now and in the future. I would love to learn more from you!"

                                                J.C. Learning Support Assistant, Hyde Park



"I am going to study for my PGCE! I really took on board all of your training, the style was fantastic and I learned so much! It really opened my mind to different learning styles with SEN children... I have been able to pass on my skills on to lots of different people, even to parents who are looking for techniques to help their child, as you can imagine that has really impacted them! For young teachers like me, it really has made a HUGE difference in my teaching methods - not just for SEN children, but in general! "

                                                                                L.H, The Lyceum School


"I found it so inspiring...."             Mathematics Teacher, The Study School


"I found the first two training sessions every interesting and useful. i was particuarly interested in the 'heuristic role' and 'scaffolding.'... The Hints Booklet for children with social communication difficulties was very useful and I shared it with our Reception Class teacher."

                                                                             G.N., Hawley Place School


"I just wanted to thank you very much for the most useful and informative course my T.A. Team and I attended. I have taken many good ideas away with me and a much better understanding of the different learning challenges many staff and children face."

                               K.R. Head of Teaching Assistants, Eaton Square School


"Very much enjoyed today's session on ADHD. A great insight into a complex subject. I  like the point you made that these conditions may overlap or [pupils] not show all the indicators."   F.E., Hawley Place School


" I would like to let you know that I have enjoyed the 4 sessions of Teaching Assistant Course throughout and I have obtained lots of knowledge with this experience. I definitely feel more confidence in helping children and especially those with Special Educational Needs and found some strategies excellent for the everyday challenges.

I feel that I can now be more effective in my practice....It was delivered in a very relaxed environment."         V.M. Nursery Nurse, The Lyceum School


"Thank you so much for the 4 training afternoons that you gave. They were all so informative and gave a whole different perspective/outlook on children who have special educational needs....Although I very much enjoyed all of the sessions, I particularly enjoyed the 2nd on Autism, as it was so interesting to learn about and it was great that you showed us video clips throughout, which really helped me to understand how wide the Autistic Spectrum really is. I also thought it was great that you showed us a wide range of resources that can be used to support different needs and this has given me lots of ideas!

Overall, there isn't anything I would change about the sessions as I thought they were all fantastic!"                         R.S., Eaton Square School.


"Thank you. It was very insightful!"                 A.Z., Hyde Park Prep School


"Thank you again for presenting such a thoughtful SEND training course for teaching assistants this March."                       ML., The Lyceum School


"I have found all your training very beneficial from a practical side and also from the educational side....As you know I'm currently studying for a degree in Education and Learning Support, and your training sessions have helped me immensely with my written assignments too."   

B.W., Hawley Place School




Special Educational Needs:




"Jeannette was extremely helpful in giving me clear and honest SEN advice - and amazing support in applying for an EHC Plan - which the school Senco had advised me was a pointless exercise, to even apply. The EHC Plan was finally granted at the last minute by the LA, on the day before our Tribunal Hearing. Jeannette is a great support and has a huge wealth of experience and expertise to guide parents through the SEN /EHCP process."


Mrs T.A., Telscombe Cliffs (Parent)



" Well informed, inspirational sessions that are aimed at all members of staff who work with young children. Jeannette is capable, experienced and confident and always leaves her audience buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm, a true professional with a wealth of experience to share!"



The Lyceum School, London




"I have always relied on Jeannette for her professionalism, the depth of her knowledge and the breadth of her experience. No one is more familiar with learning needs and the multiple layers of fact and fiction surrounding them." 

Susan Hayes,


Riddlesworth Hall School




"Inspiring and pragmatic. What most impresses me about Jeannette, other than her breadth and depth of knowledge, is how well she communicates with parents. Jeannette's compassion and her understanding of individual children's needs shines through."

Head Teacher,

The Study School,

New Malden



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