Jeannette Bidder SEND Consultancy and Training
                  Jeannette Bidder SEND Consultancy and Training 

Jeannette Bidder B.A. Hons. (Durham), P.G.C.E. (Distinction), Adv.Dip.SpLD


Experienced Consultancy and Training for Special Educational Needs

and Disabilities (S.E.N.D.) in Education.   



Thank you for visiting my website. I delight in offering total commitment, twenty-seven years' teaching experience and wide expertise in the support of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities across a range of settings in England: supporting family applications for an Education, Health and Care Plan, advising school leaders and SENCOs, providing staff training at all levels, practical school management, working with many learning differences - for pupils, families and all types of schools - this is my passion and I believe that collaboration is key. I often act as Parent Advocate when families are seeking to secure an appropriate EHC Plan with local authorities and when appealing to SEND Tribunal.


When working as an independent adviser for parents, I focus to meet pupils' learning needs and advise on strategies to apply, for interventions by termly Individual Educational Plans as well as Education, Health and Care Plans, and for lifelong learning. 



Does Your Child Have Complex Needs That Require Assessment for an EHCP Application?

(Education, Health & Care Plan)


I work to draft applications for an EHCP from scratch - with and for families - making best use of expert reports and often supporting the whole process throughout: this is usually a demanding period for families of 20 weeks and often much more, so that a friendly, supportive working relationship is developed and provided. My role is advisory but varies hugely from family to family, for children with exceptional special educational needs. This usually includes liaising closely with schools, local authorities and a significant number of experts such as therapists and educational psychologists, to secure best outcomes for each child or young person. 


If parents/ carers wish to appeal against a local authority's refusal to issue an Education, Health and Care Plan or with regard for an existing EHCP (to the SEND Tribunal), I work with parents and school as well as offer an experienced multi-agency approach. Of course, each child or young person's case is unique and is valued as such, with an awareness of the need for clarity and informed choices for "next steps."



A Brief Summary of Services


My focus is always on enabling efforts to remove barriers for learning, so unlocking potential - empowering students - to manage children's learning differences and to facilitate vital progress.  Recent Parental Feedback, includes Mrs A. from East Sussex, who wrote:


"I cannot recommend Jeannette highly enough. Our daughter was really struggling to cope at school during a period of severe anxiety. She has Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism and was struggling to stay in lessons and concentrate at school. Jeannette was so encouraging and helped us to develop strategies which the school could use to support her. Her practical approach gave us the confidence to ask for the right support and to help her at home as well. Jeannette's enthusiasm and dedication are very clear and I would recommend her to anyone who has a chhild struggling at school and needs extra support."


A Sample of Services:

  • listening and acting upon parental concerns for pupils, when advising for Special Educaional Needs and disabilties: establishing a secure, clear understanding of barriers to learning with valuable expert reports
  • advising families on options or next steps to support school 'EHCP Annual Review Meetings' or drafting school Individual Learning Plans
  • reviewing current Education, Health and Care Plans in light of changing needs or circumstances
  • advising and guiding families in making an E.H.C.P. application - drafting these - or advising when considering school placements
  • reviewing draft Education Health and Care Plans or supporting co-production meetings
  • supporting parents in appeals to the S.E.N.D.Tribunal for Education, Health and Care Plans
  • providing expertise in helping parents to work with local authorities, Children's Services and specialists such as educational psychologists and CAMHS 
  • training school and nursery staff for optimum pupil progress
  • developing risk management and pupil well-being programmes
  • S.E.N. consultancy and advisory roles in nurseries and schools for pupils of 2-19 years old
  • providing staff training in such areas as Autistic Spectrum Condition, A.D.H.D, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Attachment Disorder, Inclusion, Anxiety, Sensory Needs, school ILPs and EHCPs.



As a former Headteacher of three prep schools, I am able to offer expertise and support for families and pupils of all ages - Nursery to Sixth Form - in local authority and independent schools, as well as special school settings.


Having worked with 16 local authorities in England over the years, mine is a wide experience-base and I hold the Advanced Diploma in Teaching Children with Specific Learning Difficulties. As a former headteacher of three independent schools - and former Leading Literacy Teacher for Lancashire Authority - I am committed to sharing best practice and practical approaches for each pupil's best outcome, independence and potential. More background information is available via the tab, "About Me."




Please see below for further informal support and information:

                   For meaningful EHCPs - and vital pupil safeguarding cases too - I have worked with sixteen local authorities:

Cambridge, Camden, East Sussex, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hampshire, Haringey, Kensington & Chelsea, Kent, Kingston Upon Thames, Lambeth, Lancashire, Lewisham, Liverpool, Merton, Richmond and Wandsworth.






Headmaster, Eaton Square School, London


"Jeannette Bidder has worked with Eaton Square School for several years, bringing a wealth of experience in areas of SEND and Safeguarding to both staff and parents. She has been involved with all age groups within the school from Nursery to Year 8, guiding and supporting whenever needed; her advice has been invaluable."