Jeannette Bidder SEND Consultancy and Training
                  Jeannette Bidder SEND Consultancy and Training 

    S.E.N.D for pupils, families &      schools!

              Practical Support and Advice:


  • Applications for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) for parents who wish to apply independently and for families, nurseries and schools in close collaboration.....
  • Appeals to SEND Tribunal to appeal against a local authority's refusal to issue an EHC Plan or against the contents of an existing EHC Plan, and more....
  • Support for parents when a change of school  - or adjustments in school through  special educational needs or concerns - require it....
  • Facilitating discussions between parents and schools about appropriate SEND provision, or S.E.N. training needs in school, if helpful...
  • Enabling parents to access support around S.E.N.D., if a local authority's Information, Advice and Support Services (IASS) - or other routes - are not productive. 
  • Statements of Educational Need (transitions to E.H.C.P.) for families and schools
  • SENCO coaching, S.E.N.D. systems and training in school including lesson observations and appraisal
  • Special Educational Needs training on a great number of topics for teachers and teaching assistants (please ask about topics of interest)
  • Staff Training around Inclusion, such as in nursery or school learning environments  (pupils of 2-19 years) for effective differentiation and personalised learning oppoortunities
  • Special Educational Needs training for nursery teams including integration of therapy
  • S.E.N.D. Code of Practice 2014 process and procedures (implementation such as Individual Learning Plans ILPs/IEPs and reviews)
  • Creating a Pupil Individual Learning Plan or a complex Provision Map (to incorporate therapies)
  • Support in creating School Development Plans and procedures for S.E.N.D. and in Safeguarding
  • School Improvement for inclusion and S.E.N.D.
  • Guidance for Risk Assessments within educational settings
  • Training for Safeguarding practice in education
  • Training for Child Exploitation Online Protection
  • Supporting pupils and students who have S.E.N.D. in other ways - to be explored - that will be define next steps, in their best interests for optimum personal progress.



  • educational psychologists
  • teachers & counsellors
  • speech and language therapists
  • occupational therapists
  • neurologial paediatricians
  • clinical psychologists
  • hospital teams & consultants for nutrition and cardiology
  • physiotherapists
  • paediatricians
  • play therapists
  • art therapists
  • local G.P.s & epilepsy nurses
  • optometrists
  • local authority teams such as specialist teachers for the blind or deaf
  • Children's Services
  • L.A.D.O. or Local Authority Designated Officer (safeguarding)






Special Educational Needs:




"Jeannette was extremely helpful in giving me clear and honest SEN advice - and amazing support in applying for an EHC Plan - which the school Senco had advised me was a pointless exercise, to even apply. The EHC Plan was finally granted at the last minute by the LA, on the day before our Tribunal Hearing. Jeannette is a great support and has a huge wealth of experience and expertise to guide parents through the SEN /EHCP process."


Mrs T.A., Telscombe Cliffs (Parent)



" Well informed, inspirational sessions that are aimed at all members of staff who work with young children. Jeannette is capable, experienced and confident and always leaves her audience buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm, a true professional with a wealth of experience to share!"



The Lyceum School, London




"I have always relied on Jeannette for her professionalism, the depth of her knowledge and the breadth of her experience. No one is more familiar with learning needs and the multiple layers of fact and fiction surrounding them." 

Susan Hayes,


Riddlesworth Hall School




"Inspiring and pragmatic. What most impresses me about Jeannette, other than her breadth and depth of knowledge, is how well she communicates with parents. Jeannette's compassion and her understanding of individual children's needs shines through."

Head Teacher,

The Study School,

New Malden



Call tel. 0777 614 8787 for further information.